How To Use The Forum

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How To Use The Forum

Post by Knightmare on Sun Nov 29, 2015 5:48 am

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Forum Ranks
There are ranks that users are categorized which can be seen on their profile and messages on the forum.

Ranks are earned by posts as well as being specifically chosen by the administrators.

Ranks earned by posts are:

  • Member - 0 posts
  • Think Member - 50 posts (get -5% discount on all items in T.T. Coin Store)
  • Think Tank Forum - 200 posts (get -10% discount on all items in T.T. Coin Store)

Ranks specifically chosen by administrators are:

  • Golden Member (only from T.T. Coin Store you are able to purchase)
  • Moderator
  • Super Moderator
  • Administrator

Forum Icons
There are 3 main forum icons of this forum.

This icon when clicked allows you to reply to a specific topic.

This icon when clicked allows you to make your own new topic and will be be viewable when the sub-forum is viewed.

This icon means no replies or posts can be made until this specific topic is unlocked by someone with the capability of unlocking it. Topics that are locked for specific reasons, if you have any questions towards why a specific topic was locked, please contact a staff member.

Private Messaging
You can send private messages towards users on Think Tank. This feature can be used to send a message to multiple people or just one person. If you receive a private message that violates the rules, please contact a staff member immediately and notify them of the issue you are having.

How to use this feature?

  • Hit the "PM" icon (on the user you want to private message) on a message located on the left in the profile box
  • Visit someone's profile, go to "Contact" and hit the "PM" icon
  • Hit the "PM" icon next to the user yoy want to contact on the "Memberlist"

Profile picture/Avatar
Your profile picture/avatar is shown on messages and your profile.

How to change, modify or choose one:

  1. Go to your profile
  2. Click "Avatar"
  3. Choose an option on how to upload your picture
  4. Save

Ways of changing your picture:

  • Upload a picture from your computer or device
  • Use a direct URL with a picture
  • Link to an off-site website containing the picture
  • Choose a picture from the Gallery

You can change your profile picture at anytime but it must be appropriate or it will be removed and you will receive an infraction.

T.T. Coins
T.T. Coins can be earned by a variety of actions.


  • 1 earned per friend
  • 1 earned per day of registration
  • 1 earned per post (0 earned in introductions, polls and off-topics)
  • 1 earned per topic (0 earned in off-topics)
  • 1 earned per profile message
  • 2 earned per "Inspiration"
  • 3 earned per "Thanks"

What is the purpose of these?

You can have users listed on your friendlist by adding them as friends.


  • T.T. Coins
  • Friendships
  • Send visitor messages to those who only allow friends and staff to message them
  • Get notified when they are online
  • See what users listed on your friendliest post in a more efficient way

You can add friends by visiting a person's profile and hitting the "Add to friendlist".

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