Think Tank Lotto Game

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Think Tank Lotto Game

Post by Luffy on Sat Jun 03, 2017 4:04 pm

Hello dear members,

Think Tank has installed a new feature, called Think Tank Lotto Game, where all members have the chance on winning up to 300 T.T. Coins per day. This featured is installed to make users have something fun to do and get a chance on checking their luck.

How does it work:
Think Tank Lotto Game is a random generator where by clicking a button you get an alert on your browser with your winning price. Members need to take a screenshot of the alert they get, displaying their username on the top where it says "Welcome Guest" for security reasons. Once you get the screenshot, you must post it under the Lotto Game Prizes topic where you will receive your T.T. Coins by an Administrator once someone is available with a reply of them on the topic.
There are 11 prices for this Lotto Game: 1 T.T. Coin, 5 T.T. Coins, 10 T.T. Coins, 25 T.T. Coins, 50 T.T. Coins, 100 T.T. Coins, 200 T.T. Coins, 300 T.T. Coins and 3 Try Again! prizes. So the chances are with you!! Smile

All members, including administrators can play the Lotto Game. You may find the Lotto Game here: Think Tank Lotto Game

We hope you like this new addition and we wish everyone all the best!! Smile



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