Welcome to the Think Tank Lotto Game
Think Tank Lotto Game is a game where all members have a chance on winning coins for their profile. Each member has the chance on winning up to 300 T.T. Coins every day! All you have to do is click "Lotto" and take a screenshot of you result, and post it in the Lotto Game Prizes topic to claim your price. Simple as that, so.. Let's play!!
The possible prices are:
1 T.T. Coin, 5 T.T. Coins, 10 T.T. Coins, 25 T.T. Coins, 50 T.T. Coins, 100 T.T. Coins, 200 T.T. Coins, 300 T.T. Coins and Try Again!.
The Duels began. Find all the needed information reading This Topic and entering the competition in time!!